Sunday, 6 July 2014

Woolfest 2014!

Hello all!

What's going on with the weather right now? Yesterday we were lazing in the garden and catching the sun, today I'm sat at the desk at work feeling chilly. Come on July, sort it out! Hopefully the sun will make an appearance later on.

But if not, then I have plenty of things to occupy me inside the house, thanks to a visit to the amazing Woolfest in Cockermouth last week. Woolfest is a definite go-to event for anyone who loves felting, knitting, spinning, or any other kind of fibre art! We had a lovely day, starting off with the drive over and breakfast in the awesome Llama Karma Kafe, followed by a day wandering around Woolfest, enjoying the stalls, trying some new techniques, chatting with stallholders, watching demonstrations, eating ice cream, cooing over the cute sheep, and above all, spending lots of money! We then headed down to Ambleside, where my family used to go twice a year. We had a wander in the village and then had food in the hotel where we used to stay, it was lovely to see everyone again and was a perfect end to a lovely day.

So here's what I bought! (Some might say too much, I say not enough...)

First off, basic necessities! Now, onto the more interesting stuff...

Buttons galore! I got the gorgeous little brown ones to use in my landscape pieces, and the blue and white ones just because I thought they'd look nice on one of the many skirts/dresses which I'm going to make, eventually. And I had a go at spinning for the first time! And I can tell you, it's 100% harder than it looks... Even though I drive and am usually quite good at using my hands and feet at the same time, I was taken by surprise at how easy it is to lose control of the wool, or to forget to keep your feet moving! Safe to say I don't feel that spinning is going to be a particular skill of mine, but you never know... I'm definitely thinking of investing in a drop spindle, though. Just for fun and to give it a go, because I do rather like the idea of spinning my own threads to use in my work.

I raided Oliver Twists and could easily have bought everything they had, but I settled with this gorgeous bag of silk throwsters waste - I tend to buy things without a specific project in mind, I just purchase things which strike/inspire me and I loved this range of colours and textures. I also bought these little variety packs of threads in these fabulous colours, all of which will be used in my landscape pieces. As I see it we have ocean, moor/forest, sunset, and forest/fields. Can't wait to incorporate them into a design!

Then we have these gorgeous little threads from the Wool Clip section, which I'll use to hand embroider my landscape pieces. They're so delicate and pretty! And I bought this wool fibre from amazing Louise Player of Spin City. I just spotted it hanging on the edge of her stall and knew that I couldn't walk away from it. The photo here doesn't do justice to how beautiful it is, and I'm so excited to use it. We had a lovely chat with Louise, she is such a sweet and talented lady, do go and check her out!

Then of course, the felt. All of the loose felt came from a pick and mix type stall, and I was so pleasantly shocked by how reasonable it was! All of this for less than £5! Amazing, I wish I'd bought three times as much! But we'll see how we go, there's always next year... 

I couldn't resist this beautiful collection of fibres, they're subtly blended to create these vibrant colour combinations, and packaged like this they almost look like a landscape already! 

And how fab are these blended fibres? I love the candy look of the pink one, and the ocean colours of the blues. Can't wait to use them! I also bought four packs of Angelina fibres in bright turquoise, pink, gold and bronze, but they didn't photograph well, sadly.

That's it from me for today. It's been a busy week so all I've had chance to do is make a little sampler with a few of my new fibres, which makes me all the more excited to use them! I've plenty of ideas, I just need to get sampling and put them into practice! I'm going to try making some miniature landscapes to start with I think - then if it goes wrong, they're too little to worry about!

Have a lovely Sunday,
Amy x

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